RED: Life Lessons from a Father 

Harold "Red" Allen, the father of NFL Hall of Fame Running Back, Marcus Allen and CFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Damon Allen has earned the privilege to be called a father. With all the responsibilities that come with being a father and all that it entails, to be called one by your child is one of the greatest honors that can be given. For the six children of the Allen family, when they looked for a role model they didn’t have to look far — Harold "Red" Allen sat across the dinner table.

Red was also their little league coach, history teacher, guidance counselor and many other job titles that can’t fit on a standard one-page resume. Along with Gwendolyn, his wife of 57 years, they have formed quite a team and delivered a message of hard work, faith and love that has been embraced by their children.

Darius, the youngest of the family, in a gesture of honor and respect, has passed on his father’s message in this gem of a book.

Red: Life Lessons from a Father is a powerful offering for people of all walks of life. You can be old school, new school or no school. Red’s life lessons will resonate with aspiring youth, caring adults, loving parents and courageous men who are ready to tackle the important job of being a father. With his unique voice and ageless wisdom, Red’s words will hit home and recall a time where being a father was more than just a title. 

Exclusive excerpt from Red: Life Lessons from a Father by Harold "Red" Allen (As told to Darius Allen)

Who's Helping You Steer Your Ship?

Over the years, I've been fortunate to call many people a friend. A title that shouldn't be used loosely or handed out frequently. If you’re blessed enough to have a true friend, you’ll realize how foolish it is to give that title to just anyone. It’s important to know that everyone can't be your friend. You will meet some people you’re better off keeping your distance from. On the other hand, you can't plan to have friends. Just make an effort to be sociable and friendly, and before you even use the word, they will just enter your life. They will come from different places, at unexpected times, and from all walks of life.

Throughout the years, I’ve always been aware of who came into my space. When a friendship developed, I was keen on judging the quality of that friendship. Things can be smooth sailing and then at a turn, things can get rocky. That’s why the key word in friendship is the word “ship”. Do your friends keep your ship afloat or are they steering your ship into an iceberg? When a storm comes, do your friends stay aboard or do they abandon ship? 

When it came to friendship, I asked myself three questions. We all know a small leak can sink the “ship” in a friendship.

“Are you laughing more than crying?” 

“Are you smiling more than frowning?” 

“Are you looking towards the horizon or are you watching your back?”

These questions should be easy to answer. Keep it simple — have a good time, enjoy life, survive the storms and cross the ocean.


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                                                                             Red and Little Red. 

                                                                             Red and Little Red.