The Bundy Drive Boys

On May 30, 1942, they wanted to pull off one last caper to bring their dead friend to a party! Little did they know he would bring the party to them! 

Before there was the Rat Pack, there was the Bundy Drive Boys. Hollywood was their playground for dreamlike days and sleepless nights. This story is about one of Hollywood’s greatest tales. What happened to the body of John Barrymore the night following his death and what role John Decker, W.C. Fields, Gene Fowler, Errol Flynn, and a cast of Hollywood bigwigs played in it?

The Bundy Drive Boys is a dark comedy, rooted in the friendship between a group of Hollywood legends with an unquenchable passion for life, brotherhood, and debauchery, but not necessarily in that order.

The Bundy Drive Boys written by Darius Allen and Mutaurwa Munemo is available at the AMAZON and online at BARNES & NOBLE

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